Self-definition is a near impossible task, beleaguered as we are by continuously encroaching geography, culture, family, and friends that all impress their selves (and their understanding of ourselves) into our perception of being. Perhaps Heraclitus was right? The self I am now is a different self than the one who wrote the previous sentence. Who then can really define (and then disclose) themselves? Of course, we cannot depend on others to take up the task with any sort of accuracy. Who then is capable? I’m sure One is, and if we listen well we can hear His voice.

That muddled, slightly pretentious disclaimer aside: hello! My name is William, and I’m a barista, audio editor, and writer of sorts (though I have a good friend who would verbally assault me for questioning the validity of such a descriptor — bless her). That usually takes the form of songs, and that is typically done in the context of a worship and discipleship project directed towards children, parents, and ministry leaders (see our website if you are thus inclined and have a penchant for auditory pain), though creative efforts are not exclusively directed toward that outlet. Occasionally, as on this blog, it takes the form of prose, poetry, meditations, or prayers. A fair amount of each of those will appear in due time, all appropriately tagged and categorized (one can hope). This whole site exists as both an impetus for writing and a way to process a recent move across country and journey toward graduate school. Enjoy (or don’t… I mean there’s no guarantee that I will).

Paz de Cristo!